The collogne fire brigade uses 23 qube3 Simulationsystems

At every training rescue station of the Cologne Fire Department, emergency paramedic students have new equipment available for training during the time off duty. Since October 2018, 23 patient simulation systems have also been part of the training concept. The simulation systems are among others used for the practical training of the budding emergency paramedics at the Cologne fire and rescue services as well as at the emergency paramedic school.

Center for Fire Protection and Rescue Services

The center in the Hochsauerland district uses our patient monitor simulator qube3, the audio-video debriefing system qubeAVpro and the realistic simulation dolls SIMBODIES for training and further education. At the same time, 21 trainers have been certified as CRM Instructors (BASIC).

ten qube15 in use at Oslo universitetssykehus

he organization is Oslo University Hospital, a large (1.850 beds) urban university hospital in the capital of Norway. The hospital is the regional center for a several emergency medical specialities, including being a level 1 trauma center, stroke center and PCI-center.

Simulation has been a game changer in our organization. Previously we have delivered generic training to everyone, but only meeting the needs of a few. With simulation we have had a multitude of positive effects. To begin with, staff feel that learning has become fun again.

qube7 simulation system at the Akuttmedisinsk Group in Oslo

In addition to the Oslo University Hospital, the Akuttmedisinsk Group also uses simulators made in Germany. The AMG offers varied courses in the field of emergency medicine.

Audio-Video Debriefing System in Austria

The austrian hospital St. Josef Braunau uses the qubeAVpro for professional debriefings of simulation trainings.

qube SimProdukte

Use of patient monitor simulators at the Johanniter Academy in North Rhine-Westphalia

In the training of emergency paramedics at the Münster campus, simulation is seen as an opportunity for the most realistic preparation for future emergencies. The use of the SKILLQUBE simulation systems represents an important component in the training.

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