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The qube15 has a fully functional ECG monitor with a fully integrated AED/defibrillator, dynamic 12-lead ECG, wireless control unit for instructors and an assessment solution for auscultation, blood glucose and temperature measurement. The software is controlled by a wireless controller with an intuitive-to-use user interface.

In partnership with Stryker

The Skillqube simulation system qube15 is based on LIFEPAK15 and was designed in partnership with STRYKER. Together with Stryker we have designed an easy-to-use and cost-effective simulation solution. With the qube15 Skillqube has developed a highly functional simulation system that helps to prepare healthcare professionals for emergencies.

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The user interface of the qubeController is designed very intuitivly. So intructors, trainers and educators do not require a lot of training to run scenarios. You can do scenarios „on the fly“ or use pre-designed scenarios.

Instead of programming these scenarios on the qubeController you do this online at your computer in our qubeCloud. This ensures that the qube3 simulationsystem is used for training and not blocked for programming. With this approach you‘ll get a faster ROI.

LIFEPAK15 – Patient Monitor

functions and features

  • Fully functional ECG surface of LP15
  • Dynamic 12-lead ECG
  • Defibrillation (AED / manual)
  • Pacemaker
  • Resuscitation mode (metronome, fraction etc.)
  • Control all vital signs via instructor software
  • Browser-based scenario editor with image and video library
  • Auscultation, blood sugar and temperature measurement
  • Availability of checklists and SOP for in field use

Defibrillation (AED / manual)

With the qube15 the realistic simulation of a defibrillation is possible. The qube15 simulates both an automated external defibrillator (AED) and manual defibrillation.

The qube15 has a fully functional resuscitation mode that simulates all functions of the original device. The entire resuscitation is recorded, including the “no flow time”. This function makes it possible to evaluate the entire resuscitation after the simulation.


As with the original device, the LIFEPAK 15, the qube15 simulates all functions of the transcutaneous pacemaker.

Contrast mode

mode for intense sunlight

Further functions

Like the original LIFEPAK15, our qube15 simulator comes along with further functions:

  • Definition of alarm limits
  • Contrast mode
  • Print your 12-lead-ecg
  • Blood-pressure (NIBP)
  • Real waveforms
  • Metronom
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extension for iPhone and iPod

The assessment trainer enables auscultation of chest and back, displays different blood sugar levels, measures the temperature of the patient, and includes well known checklists like ABCDE and SAMPLER.

Overview of the Assessment-Trainer

Blood sugar and temperature measurement


Back-, chest-, heart- and abdomen views deliver true to original breath and heart.



qube15 AED function


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In cooperation with

Skillqube simulators


the patient-simulator qube3 is based on Corpuls3 and was developed in cooperation with Corpuls.


the patient-simulator qube is based on DEFIGARD Touch7 and was developed in cooperation with Schiller Medical.