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innovative debriefing solution

With the qubeAVgo we introduce a smart, mobile and innovative debriefing system.

Our iPad-based system qubeAVgo enables the recording of the scenario via a 360-degree movable IP-camera in combination with recording of our qube patient simulation monitors. Thanks to the ultra mobile design, you can record simulation scenarios and debrief them in almost any location. You do not need any cables or connections, start right away, and get the most out of your training time.

Set Tour marker by directly writing and drawing into the video with Apple Pen and enjoy a new AV solution experience – qubeAVgo!

Start now with your simulation training

easily record the scenario, with the 360-degree camera you have everything on your screen.

make your notes with the apple pencil and use them for later debriefing.

mobility and flexibility, use the qubeAVgo in every environment.

play the recorded scenario and assess your notes to increase the learning experience of your students.

functions and features

Set marker

During a Scenario you will be able to make marks with the Apple Pen. In the debriefing mode you can load your notes and debrief the situations successfully.


During record the camera view and monitor will be recorded. With the 360° camera you can change the angle at any time.


  • switch between marker
  • Play your Scenario
  • Save to library
  • Return to Live Mode to start a new session
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qubeAVgo comes with

Apple iPad 12,9″ and 360° camera

Apple Pencil 2nd Generation

mobile Wifi modem

Take the qubeAVgo with you

Perfect combination: qubeAvgo & SKILLQUBE Patient Simulation System


Simulation auf Corpuls3 Basis


Simulation auf LIFEPAK15 Basis


Simulation auf DEFIGARD Touch7 Basis

for simulation experts


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